We started back after our long shut-down with a half-term of six weeks, on Tuesday evenings:

                                                                                     1. 22nd February
                                                                                     2. 1st March
                                                                                     3. 8th March
                                                                                     4. 15th March
                                                                                     5. 22nd March
                                                                                     6. 29th March

                   We normally charge a termly fee, payable in advance on enrolment in the choir.  However, for this six weeks block
                   there is no fixed fee, but instead we ask people to make a donation on each occasion they attend, based upon
                   what they can afford and what level of enjoyment they have had during their evening's singing.  

                   We appreciate some people may not be able to commit to all six evenings. The singing content for this six weeks
                   block will take that into account, and
we won't be preparing for an end-of-term concert as we normally would. 

                  The summer term will start after the Easter break, on April 26th, and will run for a full twelve weeks, ending on
                  19th July.  

                 The enrolment fee for the summer term will be £55.

                                                               It would be very nice if you could join us.